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Welcome from Zayna Ratty - Chair

I am incredibly excited to welcome you to Oxford Pride. This is the biggest job I have ever held and all the years of building local networks, working hard, being fortunate to chair of Oxford Friend have led me here to stand before my own community as the 1st PoC female chair of Oxford Pride

Along with being a Hypno-Psychotherapist and a Stonewall Role Model I also had the honour of being a shortlisted nominee for the positive LGBT Role Model Award at the 2019 National Diversity Awards. I was previously Community liaison officer for Oxford Pride 2018 & 2019 before taking up the position of Chair. I was born in Oxfordshire and still live in the village she grew up in, this gives me an insight into the wider needs of Oxfordshire as a whole.

Oxford Pride continues to flourish with a sustained reputation for providing not only an excellent and enjoyable parade day but also a festival of events now stretching all year round.

However, Oxford Pride is nothing without a committee of volunteers, sponsors to enable a free pride for all and a group of volunteers and stewards who make the festival happen.

Oxford Pride 2020 is proud to continue our journey, working with and supporting local committed campaigners for equality. The future looks exciting and inclusive with new exhibitions and projects, Beyond the Binary Project at Pitt Rivers Museum, Queering Spires Exhibit at the Oxford Museum, Topaz a network of Youth Groups and Oxford Friend an award winning LGBTQIA+ mental health charity.

I want us focus on mental health, breaking down barriers and de-stigmatising marginalised communities, platforming and acknowledging the intersectionality of multiple forms of systemic oppression.

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Oxford Pride is a celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer life in Oxfordshire. The events supporting or arranged by Oxford Pride promote awareness of LGBT issues and lifestyles by providing information, education and entertainment in a safe and encouraging environment.

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